Setting SASH up

The following are the steps which I have used to set SASH version 1.4-rc1 up against Oracle 11 and Oracle 12 instances:

  1. Get the SASH code with   git clone
  2. cd orasash/sash_dev
  3. Add   create sequence fakedbid;   to repo_schema.sql to allow SASH packages to compile
  4. Add   grant select_catalog_role to &SASH_USER;   to repo_user.sql to allow the V$INSTANCE over DB link query to work
  5. Connect as SYS and invoke   @config
  6. Connect as SYS and invoke   @target_user_view_XXXX.sql   (XXXX as applicable for database version)
  7. Connect as SYS and   GRANT SELECT ON sashnow TO sash;
  8. For Oracle 12.2 add   or (l_ver = '12.2')   to the sql_stat definition in SASH_PKG.get_sqlstats