Oracle 12 Odds

The links from this page were put here to form a record of some of the things I've come across when playing with Oracle 12c. As the record is for my purposes, I probably don't explain much on any of the pages.

I have started putting some information on Wordpress, and what I put there should have a bit more explanation around it. You are welcome to get what you can from these pages,..,. just I'm not promising that it will be much!

  1. Event Tracing crib sheet
  2. Background processes in Oracle 12c
  3. Three new columns in the all all_objects view
  4. The hash full outer join hasn't changed
  5. The new DBMS_XPLAN package
  6. Adaptive Plan example
  7. Adaptive plan Inflection Point Computation
  8. Changes to USER_TAB_COLUMNS
  9. Pluggable Database odds
  10. Using a PL/SQL Function in the WITH Clause
  11. DETERMINISTIC function caching effectiveness
  12. Data redaction
  13. Partition Truncate/Exchange CASCADE
  14. DBMS_UTILITY.expand_sql_text
  15. Sniffing SQL*Plus network traffic
  16. Oracle In Memory Option
  17. Loading a CLOB from a file
  18. BFILE column storage
  19. Database Resident Connection Pool
  20. External Table Pre-processor
  21. Index Cost and Caching
  22. Index Block Dump Example
  23. Heap Table Block Dump Example
  24. DML Cascading Locks Order Query
  25. Profiling parsing ANSI and Old Oracle SQL
  26. JavaScript within SQLcl
  27. Setting SASH up
  28. DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO Wrapping Package
  29. DBMS_HPROF Flame Graphs
  30. Table comparison function

Useful Queries

Oracle's Database 12c interactive quick reference (you need to wait a while for it to load).